Hi! I am a Digital Content Creator known as “Sepp Morrison“. People also tend to call me superseppi!

I still don’t have a proper conclusion, what all this will be. But I realized, that I truly enjoy doing a lot of other (creative) things as well. Thats why “superseppi!” will be kind of like my playground platform from now. My experimental laboratory hub. My label, future studio, whatever – for basically everything else I do apart from content creation.

It’ll be kind of like it’s own little baby. Where exactly this will go, god knows – but if it’s one thing I’ve learned within the past years: Just start and work your ass off. Everything else will fall into place in no time.



Digital content creator, world traveler, idea developer; Seppi lives his life to extremes. Born in Markt Indersdorf, Germany, Seppi’s affection for digital content from an early age made him a self-starter with a real eye for perfection. After six years of bouncing in between the worlds biggest lifestyle and hybrid high-end production’s — Seppi is focusing on Digital Content Creation. With several years of experience, more than a few hundred delivered videos and countless other life lessons under his belt, his sights are set. Seppi’s life is all about prototyping, progress, family, and friends.


…is a joint venture with Maxi Ziener and Sepp Morrison persuing at the intersection of projection mapping and content creation.


Autonomy | /ɔːˈtɒnəmi/

From starting off with simple ideas, wanting to know everything about production to the long term goal, to create recycled textiles ♻️

A long way to go, but we gotta start somewhere.