Hi! I am a Digital Content Creator known as “Sepp Morrison“. People also tend to call me superseppi!

I still don’t have a proper conclusion, what all this will be. But I realized, that I truly enjoy doing a lot of other (creative) things as well. Thats why “superseppi!” will be kind of like my playground platform from now. My experimental laboratory hub. My label, future studio, whatever – for basically everything else I do apart from content creation.

It’ll be kind of like it’s own little baby. Where exactly this will go, god knows – but if it’s one thing I’ve learned within the past years: Just start and work your ass off. Everything else will fall into place in no time.



Digital content creator, world traveler, idea developer; Seppi lives his life to extremes. Born in Markt Indersdorf, Germany, Seppi’s affection for digital content from an early age made him a self-starter with a real eye for perfection. After six years of bouncing in between the worlds biggest lifestyle and hybrid high-end production’s — Seppi is focusing on Digital Content Creation. With several years of experience, more than a few hundred delivered videos and countless other life lessons under his belt, his sights are set. Seppi’s life is all about prototyping, progress, family, and friends.

Sepp Morrison Invitational

The SMI brings together Europes best Digital Content Creators with different styles for a week-long experience. We create, polish and share media that consumers engage with by connecting Content Creators, Influencers and brands through real-life experiences.


We are Seppi and Seppi, aka Seppi² (seppisquared) – from Dachau near Munich – and live according to the principle of “simply do it”. Between countless projects, in addition to the idea of starting a vlog, we also had the idea that we design and produce our own clothes ourselves Believe us, it wasn’t easy at first 😉 Buuuuuut! Fails, designs and above all many weeks later we can proudly look back on our first self-made collection, which was sold out within a few hours.

SeppiSquared stands for fun, discipline and the constant urge for new adventures.

We would like to establish series of events, clothes and much more, according to our ideas. Get away from habits, get out of your comfort zone & create something extraordinary.